For 10 years, we've worked with women and girls in communities effect by disaster. this is our story.


Who is Mahila? 

In Nepal, Mahila means “Woman.” 

This began with our work in Nepal with our now long-time partner Sabita Aryal, supporting communities that were vulnerable to landslides each year. In addition, the women and girls in these villages experienced a range of cultural and logistical difficulties ranging from long daily treks to get water to a lack of information around their health and well-being. 

In partnering with Sabita's organization, Eco Organic Nepal, we found our niche. Their team surveyed the communities, discovering what was needed most and how best to acquire it locally. This kept our costs concise and our actions direct, maximizing our output as an all-volunteer organization managing projects from the other side of the world. 

Ten years later, we've joined partners in Haiti, India, Costa Rica and the United States to address post-disaster needs of woman and girls. Some projects are short-term sustainable relief, working within communities to address immediate needs and improve health and safety. Others are long-standing projects that are still employing, serving, and empowering women today. 

We are passionate group here at Mahila.  What started as a personal dream for our founders has become a shared purpose for so many others. 


Our Team

Mahila Partnership is a mash-up, all-volunteer organization, stewarded by a team of board members, working with our partners in-country, assisted by team members provided in-kind by our capital sponsor, Wakefield Brunswick.



Angela Devlen

President, Co-Founder

Diana Manalad

Vice President, Co-Founder

Board Members & In-Kind Staff

Theresa Schimmels

Medical Advisory

Mari Partyka


Amelia Bartlett

Chief of Staff

Our Partners

eco-organic Nepal, Kathmandu

Sabita Aryal

Founder, Eco-Organic Nepal

Arun Aryal

Media Partner, Eco=Organic Nepal

Haiti Projects, Fond-des-Blancs



Molly Klarman


When we work for the common good, we experience each other in new ways
— Margaret Wheatley

Interested in joining the Mahila Partnership team as a volunteer or board member?