Updates from Haiti: April 2017

Latest Happenings at the Artisanat

The eco-sanitary program continues to evolve and expand to more communities, serving more women in every way we can.

The Haiti Projects girls soccer program, posing in their new practice pinnies. The HP team often tests out new health and hygiene projects or education topics with the girls to see how they are received. They are never shy about giving us their honest feedback.


Miss Berrette is conducting the health education seminar in a church. The women learn specifically about feminine health + hygiene, as well as dispel some of the myths they may have heard about contraception and pregnancy. A lot of the clinic activities take place outside of the central clinic so the HP team sets up in schools, churches, community buildings, and yards all over the region.


Leomene, a cleaner, and Guilande, an ironer, are both employees at the artisanat. They are part of the team creating pads for hundreds of women in Fond des Blancs, Haiti and the surrounding communities. They are headed to the market during their mid-day break.


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