Celebrating International Women's Day

Sponsor a Woman in Honor of International Women's Day! 

The theme for this year's International Woman's Day, a global celebration and day of awareness for females everywhere, is Be Bold for Change. 

Everywhere, we're seeing the status of women and girls in society changing. Women are empowered to start successful, growing businesses; more and more girls have access to education; daughters are inheriting and managing family agricultural lands; the stigmas that women face around menstruation, balancing work and motherhood, and gender inequality are becoming international causes with global reach. 

We still have so much work to do. 

Our women still face barriers in many areas in line with their community and cultural taboos - but we are creating the change they need. 

In communities affected by disaster, needs vary by culture - location - gender. This is why the work we do is not standard, but strategic. We invest in women and girls where they need it most: health, hygiene, economic empowerment, education, and agriculture. 

This year, we are proud to announce our Sponsor a Woman program.

By sponsoring a woman with Mahila Partnership, you empower her with the resources and education she needs to thrive in her community. Our partners speak directly with the women we serve to assess their needs so that we can support them where they need it most. 

Join us on this journey to boldly create change for women globally, through partnership and empowerment. 

Because of you, we've accomplished so much.