Updates from Nepal: 10 Orphans Urgently Need Assistance

This Mother's Day

Mahila Partnership is responding to urgent orphan care needs in Nepal

We’ve learned of 10 orphans in the communities we serve in Nepal who are desperately in need of assistance. They previously received stipends of rice from the two families housing them, but they are no longer receiving those contributions. Their homes have been damaged by the earthquake so the foster families’ funds are split between feeding the young children and ensuring they have a safe place to live.

Two families have taken in these children – two house mothers who divide rice and their meager earnings between their own children and these orphans, who lost their families to natural or self-inflicted causes during the earthquake. 

It's a sad, uncomfortable to-talk-about reality that in the event that families lose everything: loved ones, property, business, livelihood, hope - that it may become hard to go on living. Some of these children were orphaned due to parent suicides, a burden which no child should have to bear.

These children can be fed, housed, clothed, and to be enrolled in school this year with our help. A generous anonymous contributor has agreed to match donations up to $1,000 – meaning your dollar goes twice as far.

Visit our Crowdrise Campaign via the Donate button to make a contribution and share with your friends and family.