Wildflowers100 List - A Blossoming Experience

We could have never guessed what would come of participating in the Wildflowers100 new years project. As an organization, we have goals, but goals are more formal and are expected. These intentions set at the beginning of the year were special, and in turn, created special results. Check out the list below to see how this field of wildflowers has blossomed.


Our #Wildflowers100 List:

~ Host 100 runners for #RunNowWineLater in February

We hosted 35 runners + our team throughout the United States. We hosted the run the same weekend as our Board Retreat and met up with a few Mahila supporters for a jaunt around Gravely Point. 

What we didn't account for was that all the buzz around the run in our Facebook group, email newsletter, and on Instagram, that two other fundraisers would pop-up - one just a few days before and the other in the same weekend, which we were able to attend as a team in Virginia.

In total, we raised MORE than $2,000 in this time period.


~ Invest that $2,000 into our cooperative in Nepal, where our women will hand craft reusable sanitary pads for hundreds in their villages

So much progress has been made in Nepal, it's staggering. Through our investment, we have begun to implement feminine health and hygiene programs in schools, in rural communities, and begin the production of reusable sanitary pads. 

Vice President & Co-founder Julie Morrill teaching self-defense to a women's group in Nepal, March 2017

Photos from our trip to Nepal (just this past month) are being posted daily to our Instagram. Follow us there to learn more!


~ Reunite the Mahila team in Washington, DC in February to plan the next few years of growth

This list summarizes our accomplishments as a team, which we reviewed together in Washington, DC in February. Being a virtual team has its advantages, though there's no denying that having everyone in the same room breeds a heightened energy that keeps us motivated all year. 


~ Publish our 2016 Annual Report featuring successes and lessons learned

You can download a copy right here.


~ Raise our Instagram followers to 500

For the first 7 - 8 years of Mahila Partnership, we were a tight-knit group without any intense marketing or social media presence. This year, in order to connect with new sponsors as our programs grow, we decided to experiment with Instagram to see what we could create.

The more people we've been able to reach through our social media, the more engagement we've seen across the board in our work. We are continuing to share stories and refine our voice along the way.


~ Connect with at least 3 grassroots organizations traveling a similar path to share stories and create relationships

We connected with Priyam Global, an organization based in India empowering mothers with children born with disabilities. We also greatly deepened our partnership with Eco Organic Nepal, the organization on the ground serving our communities in Panchkal and Chamrengbesi, Nepal. Through our visit, we saw that new needs have emerged and have found and the opportunity to increase our service in these communities. 

Co-founders Angela Devlen and Julie Morrill ceremoniously distributing dresses in Panchkal, Nepal in March 2017. 


~ Introduce our audience to our amazing team and add 1-2 more team members

We are so proud to share that a volunteer team member has returned to fine-tune and lead the Mahila Partnership grant-writing internship program. Our volunteer Noel and her intern Deja have been hard at work crafting grant applications on Mahila's behalf, with the intent to help us expand our sponsorship in the communities we serve. 


~ Produce a Mahila Partnership video that epitomizes what we're passionate about

This is an intention that we did not complete. Our time investment in campaigns, communication, and engaging our community kept pushing this opportunity to the bottom of our to-do list until the first 100 days had passed and we realized that instead, we produced numerous campaigns, tee shirts, events, and results that we are beyond passionate about! 

What is exciting, however, is that we DID capture a lot of video in Nepal, which means that a Nepal video is certainly in the future... 


Because of you, we were able to accomplish these milestones and SO MUCH MORE for our women and their communities. 

Did you have a Wildflowers100 or New Year Goals List? We'd love to know how you're doing and acknowledge what you're accomplishing for yourself and YOUR communities. 

Here's the quote that inspired it all: